Quintan Ana Wikswo


Quintan Ana Wikswo is a cross-disciplinary artist with an extensive and varied body of work. She takes stunning photographs with salvaged film cameras (and without using Photoshop). She also writes poems and novels, makes short films, and creates performance pieces. Her main goal in building this site was to create a way for visitors to understand the structure of her work and navigate through it easily.

I asked Roman Jaster to collaborate with me to design her portfolio site. We created a navigation design that illustrates the way her work is structured. She creates large bodies of work that contain multiple projects, and these projects contain multiple types of work: visual art, literature, film, and performance. We also drew inspiration from Quintan’s work in creating the visual design of the site. Her photos and films have a very organic, textural, layered, anachronistic feeling, so we created a design that uses textures, transparencies, and muted colors.

In addition, I revamped Quintan’s blog, Bumblemoth, where she documents her travels and writes about upcoming shows. As you scroll down the page, new posts appear via infinite scroll.

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